Tessitura Lancioni 1973 creates personalized scarves based on photographic images or graphic projects: your most beautiful photos, your favorite phrase, a special message or, again, the symbol that distinguishes you can be transformed into a clothing accessory with an unmistakable style


The cost of shipping will be calculated depending on the recipient country, and the article sent. Send an email to get more information, specifying quantity and item to buy.


The size of the personalized scarf will be 140x140 cm.

In three weeks from the approval of the graphic design you can wear your new personalized scarf.



 - Recycled and Viscose Polyester, 140x140cm: € 40

- Recycled Polyester and Wool, 140x140 cm: € 45

 - Recycled Polyester, Viscose and Lurex Silver, 140x140 cm: € 45

How to create my personalized scarf:

Upload the image you want to print by clicking on the "Browse" button and, after selecting the file from your PC, click on the "Load image" button.

The file must be in .tiff or .jpg format with a minimum size of 100x100 cm and a minimum resolution of 150 dpi.

If the image is not square you can make a selection of the image to print on the scarf by clicking on the "design" button and after selecting the interested part click on crop.

What to do if the images do not have the minimum characteristics required?

In the event that the images in your possession are not of good quality or you want to insert on the basic image any symbols, texts or logos, go to the page "contact us" and send a request for assistance, the staff of Tessitura Lancioni 1973 will help you compose the graphic project you want.